Sean Wins County Spelling Bee

Today, Sean competed in the Santa Cruz County Spelling-Bee Championship. You may remember a previous post where I blogged about Sean winning his school’s spelling bee and qualifying for the county competition. The spelling bee is for middle school students in grades 3rd – 8th and is an open competition (not grade specific).

Once again, he has finished in 1st place. I think that’s quite an accomplishment beating 8th graders since Sean is only in 4th grade!!! By virtue of his championship today, he has now qualified to compete in the Arizona State Spelling Bee Championship in early April in Phoenix. Sounds like a family roadtrip. As it turns out, the county will also pay for our gas to get to Phoenix, lodging and some per diem. Not a bad deal since we would go anyways. :teeth:

I will let you know how the April competition turns out and whether or not a larger road trip is required. 8)

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