Sean Wins School Spelling Bee – Again

Today, for the third consecutive year, Sean won the Elgin School Spelling Bee. He actually did a bit better this year, as the last two years he won the 3rd Grade – 6th Grade age of the spelling bee. This year, despite only being in 6th Grade, he won the entire school spelling bee, beating the 7th and 8th graders too.

I was a bit worried about him this year in the contest as he didn’t spend any time outside of school studying for the spelling bee, which he has done in the past years. If he does the same for the County bee or for the State bee if he qualifies, he may not do well. Last year, he finished third in the County and didn’t qualify for State. Two years ago he won the County bee and qualified for the State bee, finishing 19th in the State of Arizona. His goal, albeit a lofty one, is to win State and get to go to the National competition in DC before he goes to high school. Hopefully, that goal inspires him to study for the upcoming County bee.

He told me he only got one question wrong today and that was in the practice round. He said he misspelled “career” wrong on purpose to hear what the bell sounded like and to psyche out his opponents. I’m not sure I believe that, but as good a speller as he is, it just might be true. Unfortunately, Savannah didn’t qualify for the school bee today.


  1. Congratulations, Sean. Good luck to you in the County Spelling Bee.

    We love you.

    ~Grandmother and Grandpop

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