Sean’s Birthday

Technically, Sean’s birthday is Tuesday, but we kind of had our family deal this weekend. Next weekend, we will take him and a few of his friends out to lunch and bowling.

For dinner, he wanted some spicy food, so I made him some Jambalaya. I don’t think he had ever had it before, but he really enjoyed it. Even Savannah, who doesn’t like spicy food, enjoyed it. Of course, I didn’t go too spicy when making it, but had some spice it up stuff on the side so each could make it as hot as they would like.

Yesterday, we let Sean open his birthday presents. Most of his presents are part of a complete redecoration of his bedroom. He wants it to be decked out in a New England Patriots motif. So, he actually helped pick out most of that stuff. He did have a couple more boardgames to open. Actually, they are card games. He got a strangely titled Nacho Incident and Wyatt Earp.

The first one we tried was Nacho Incident. The premise of the game is that Canada needs food supplies and Mexico is just the on to help them out. You take on the part of Mexican smugglers that have to smuggle food from Mexico up to Canada. Not just any food, but ingredients of Mexican dishes. Once you get the food to Canada, your smuggler opens up a Cantina and tries to bring in additional money. You get points for the food and for the Cantinas. But, beware the Canadian Mounties will be after you. The game is very light hearted and funny. The smuggler characters have cute names. The kids really liked getting into it. There is strategy but also some luck of the cards. Games take about 30 – 45 minutes. We found the game to be very enjoyable and will likely try out some other games by the designer.

We haven’t yet tried Wyatt Earp. It is a card game variation of Gin Rummy with a Western theme and variations. We will probably give it a try this evening. Depends though, because Suzanne and kids, and thus me, will have to watch Big Brother tonight.

On a personal note, I finally got the trial version of World of Warcraft, and the other 15 or so patches needed after that. I manage to get a couple of hours in on the game today. A lot of my friends play it and have encouraged me to try it. The jury is still out though. The game was fun, but it’s kinda of a button masher. I haven’t figured out the main issue though, it was either lag or very poor physics detection in the game. It was very frustrating to be getting hit with no one around me. Lag would make the most sense, but my connection was quite good. Gonna have to get used to that issue if I am to enjoy the game more. Also, the game is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), yet I was running around alone to get used to the stuff. I need to interact with others to get a better feel for the game. What I really need to do is get online with my buddies.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!! We hope you have a great day!!!

    Aunt Barb and Uncle Walt

  2. Hey Big Guy,

    Wishing you a wonderful Birthday. Hope you have a great day. Will try and talk to you later.


    Love you !

  3. Happy Birthday to Sean!

  4. Sean says “Thanks!” to all the well wishers…

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