Sean’s Football Team Starts The Season With A Loss

Today, Sean’s football team opened their new season. Sean’s team hasn’t won a game in the last two years. They were hoping to turn their fortunes around today.

They actually had 17 on the roster today, which is good for out country area. Unfortunately, the opposing team, which has won the title the last few years, fielded over 30 kids. The weather was hot and sunny. The thermometer was breaking 90 degrees. Having a short team, wasn’t going to be good in this weather. The other team was clearly bigger than our kids too. They must have averaged 10 – 15 pounds extra per kid.

The day didn’t start well when on the opening offensive play, the other team went 66 yards for a touchdown. For the next quarter and a half, the game was very tightly played and close. Neither team could mount much offense until late in the 2nd quarter when the other team peeled off another 60+ yard running play for a touchdown. The half ended with Sean’s team, The Yellowjackets, down 14 – 0.

It was all down hill in the second half as the kids started to tire. When it was all said and done, the final score was 33 – 0. The score really wasn’t that lopsided though the end result was never in doubt. The opposing team had four scores with plays greater than 50 yards. Remove those big plays and it was a close game. Still, the other team was clearly better.

Sean played the whole game at left guard on offense. The kid opposite him must have had 30 – 40 pounds on him. Sean did an outstanding job as the kid was only a factor in one play the whole game. Sean did not dominate him and was clearly pushed around, but he was able to engage him and bother him enough to keep him from being in the play. It also appeared that he got into his head, because he was frustrated at not making plays. Sean was a bit frustrated at the end because he felt like he didn’t win the battles until I pointed out that he won the war because the kid never made a play. Sean felt beat up, but better when he realized he did his job despite feeling being bettered physically.

Except for the first quarter, Sean played on defense the rest of the game. He played a few series at right tackle and another half a dozen at strong safety, but most of the plays as middle linebacker. During the game, he was credited with one fumble force and another fumble recovery along with numerous tackles.

All in all, Sean had a very good game despite the lopsided score.

On the cheerleading side, I was surprised to see a squad of 16 girls. With the exception of a few, they were all excited and did an excellent job. I am not sure why a couple of the girls bothered to come out for cheerleading since they didn’t seem to want to participate.

We need to get a few week further into the season when the weather should start cooling down. Hopefully, Sean’s team can pull out a win this season.

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