Sean’s Team Moves to 13 – 1

In a rare close baseball game for Sean’s team last night, they pulled out the victory 8 – 3. It may not actually sound all that close, but for these guys this season, that’s close. This victory moved the kids record for the season out to 13 – 1.

The game was partly close because we managed to only get 9 kids to the game for this extended road trip (90 minute drive). A couple of the big sticks for the kids were missing. Still, they played well and fielded exceptionally well. We threw our #5 pitcher at them and he did extremely well throwing strikes all five innings he pitched. He had only 1 or 2 strikeouts but didn’t walk folks either. The kids played excellent defense.

The game score difference should have been wider, but we stranded base runners on base every inning. Without some of the kids that were gone, we just have too many holes in the lineup to sustain those long , many running scoring innings.

There are three more regular season games to go before the All Star playoffs begin.


  1. Way to go! Keep up the good playing!


  2. Ok Sean. Sounds like you have a good team… So do we (the Ray’s) but no one seems to care. Now they want to build a new stadium. Open air in Florida – I think not. Besides, we are still paying for the old stadium. Just not enough interest.

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