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A while back I mentioned that we were going to be purchasing a new Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. Our previous mattress had served us well, but was 14 years old. Suzanne and I believed that we also preferred different style mattresses. The Sleep Number Bed seemed like a perfect fit.

About four weeks ago, we went out and purchased our Sleep Number Bed. Suzanne also tricked me and we ended up walking out of the store with three new beds as each of the kids also ended up with a Sleep Number Bed. For us, we got the top of the line Model 9000. I had decided before hand that I wanted a bed with the new “space age” temperature control materials. We have drastically different body temperatures when we sleep. Suzanne sleeps in sweats, sweatshirt and socks and has about four blankets on top of her. I sleep in underwear (sorry for that mental image) and a T-shirt and usually have just a thin cover over me. The temperature control stuff was limited to the model 7000 and 9000. In the end, I just liked the 9000 better.

We have had our beds for about two weeks now and the sleeping experience has been very nice indeed. We are still playing and experimenting with our “sleep number” but we have both been sleeping better and deeper with much less tossing and turning. These are very comfortable beds indeed. We are very happy with our purchase. The kids too are enjoying their new beds and claiming to sleep better.

Before we got the beds, we expected my sleep number to be relatively high (on scale from 5 to 95 in increments of 5) and Suzanne’s to be relatively low. As they currently stand, our numbers are actually pretty close. Suzanne is currently sleeping at 55 and I am sleeping at 60. I expect we might tweak this a bit as we get more and more used to the beds, but we were surprised they are so close.

Oh, and as to the “space age” temperature control materials, I am happy there too. In the old bed, I used to go from cold to hot several times during the night and would end up sticking my feet/legs out of the covers. While the temperature materials don’t actually get set to a temperature, they do a really good job of keeping the bed at the same temperature throughout the night. I haven’t yet experienced the hot/cold swings.

I can easily say that I recommend the Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed based on our experiences thus far. If you need a new bed, check them out – just know that they are a bit costly.


  1. Sounds like the perfect answer. Now that I am retired, I find that I sleep quite well. A lot less stress in my life. I would like to try a sleep number though. Sounds ideal.

  2. working great for us so far… will update in month or so, but I expect no issues…

  3. ianselcom9 says


    I’m Ian from Select Comfort, creators of the Sleep Number bed. I was so excited to find out that you had tried not one of our beds but three of them! Your satisfaction is very important to us and we welcome any and all of your feedback. Please check out where we have added your blog post to the Sleep Number Conversation. We would love to have your participation in our Slumber Party blog. Feel free to add a review or testimonial at our Share the Love webpage. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Sleep well,

    My Sleep Number is 60

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