Spoke Too Soon and More Ramblings

As the old saying goes, I have spoken too soon.  A winter storm has moved into the area and heavy snow is predicted for the night.  They are saying 3 to 8 inches for us here in Sonoita.  I will believe it when I see it, but the snow has begun to fall.  If we do get that much snow, it is unlikely we will make our trek to Kartchner Caverns tomorrow.

Suzanne has begun selling stuff on Ebay in earnest.  Not sure how good a deal it is though.  For the past week, she took in $30, minus what she had to pay for shipping.  Her bill to Ebay, which we received tonight, was for about $15 – not a good profit.  She puts too many bells and whistles on the sale which add up the Ebay charges.  We have done well in the past on sales, but those were larger items.  Currently, she is trying to unload a bunch of old clothes.  She has stacked up a bunch of stuff to sell including a few big ticket items.  She is trying to raise money for the trip to the Showstoppers dance competition in February.  I think with all the dances she and the kids are doing, the fees are almost $700.  Hopefully, some of the bigger, high dollar items with sell on Ebay better.

My new internet providing installation did not happen today.  It rained yesterday afternoon and this morning and thus the installer fell behind schedule.  I am on the list for Monday.

I have joined a new team to develop a website.  My fellow conspirators are Paul Tobin, a former co-worker, and Bernard Doddema,  a nice guy I met on the information superhighway. This is not a business proposition but another little hobby to keep us busy and out of trouble.  Okay, no one can keep us out of trouble, but why not?  For now, we are keeping the exact details of the site under wraps and we don’t have a launch date yet.  This is a spare time activity, so there is no hurry.  If we are lucky, the site will do well enough to earn us a dinner out with the families now and then.  We wont be getting rich from it.  Watch this space (or Paul and Bernard’s sites) for more details as we progress.

Speaking of Bernard, I have been helping him with another site.  I am largely responsible for the theme on his main site.  He also is a member of a star trek fan club and they were looking for a new site, so I stepped in.  This one was a bit of a challenge since there was a specific theme I was going for.  Being a star trek fan myself, it was a fun challenge.  The site is not complete yet, but you can check out the USS Riverside Star Trek Fan Club.

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