Thanksgiving Activities

Whew, its been a busy couple of weeks here at Mr Papa’s World. Sorry for the lack of recent posts, but luckily I have been able to get a few quick thoughts. If you hadn’t noticed, I post a my quick thoughts at the top of the light blue sidebar here at Mr Papa’s World. […]

Thanksgiving Visitors

It feels really odd for us to have Thanksgiving approaching and for us to not be prepping for a cruise. Over the last four Thanksgiving holidays, we have been on a cruise for three of them, including the last two. It has almost become a tradition for our family. Since we did an Alaska cruise […]

Spoke Too Soon and More Ramblings

As the old saying goes, I have spoken too soon.  A winter storm has moved into the area and heavy snow is predicted for the night.  They are saying 3 to 8 inches for us here in Sonoita.  I will believe it when I see it, but the snow has begun to fall.  If we […]