Summer Vacation in Michigan

While Michigan is not known as a summer resort destination, it turned out to be a great destination for our family reunion this summer. One of the best parts of our trip was our home base, my sister-in-law’s/brother-in-law’s place in Shelby Township. The house couldn’t have been a better fit for our group. There was enough room for all the adults to have their own bed rooms. The house couldn’t have been more beautiful or more clean. The basement made for a perfect retreat for the kids to play Rock-band and Halo on the XBox 360.

I mentioned in an earlier article that we spent a day in Frankenmuth, Michigan enjoying a little Christmas decor shopping and chicken dinners. After our fun filled day in Frankenmuth, we enjoyed a day at our home base celebrating my other Sister-in-laws birthday. We had a cook out with a center cut pork loin and a little Bocce Ball on the lawn.

Tuesday we piled into the Minivans and headed to the Thumb Area. After a nice little picnic at a roadside park near Port Austin, we drove down to Caseville to the Bella Vista Resort. We loved the beautiful views of Lake Huron, especially at sunset. We had our second night’s dinner at the Hershel’s Restaurant at the Bella Vista and we were all very pleased with our meals that included fish and chips and prime rib. I also had a first rate massage by their resident massage therapist. I thought she did a better deep tissue massage than I had on my last Celebrity cruise. They also had a very nice heated pool, which the kids loved.

On the down side, the resort had small motel rooms, saggy beds, and out dated decor. These resorts are only open a few months a year, so it really makes sense that they are not kept up as well a year round resorts. Over all we loved our stay at the resort, but would recommend it with the concession that what it lacks in amenities, it makes up in lake front ambiance.

We also enjoyed a little Thumb Area Mini Golf. In Caseville, we all played at the official Putt-Putt course. I like Putt-Putt courses because of the standardized hole play. The edges of all the holes are smooth metal, allowing for predictable banking. The other mini-golf course we played was Sandy Dunes Adventure Golf . This mini golf course was spectacularly landscaped, with some of the most beautiful ever greens I have ever seen. The course was a bit more challenging and inconsistent than the Putt-Putt course. The course had many more hazards and undulations than the earlier course. Plus with brick edging bank shots were highly unpredictable. We had a great time playing our two mini golf mini games.

Back in Shelby Township, we enjoyed a couple more nights at my sister-in-law’s house and with a bit of TV and some more video games in basement. We even set off some Target approved “Fire Works” on July 3rd.

Our flight home from Detroit was not too difficult except for the toddler who screamed during our entire flight from Detroit to Dallas. After a much quieter flight from Dallas to Tucson, we arrived home very well rested.


  1. We had planned to go deep sea fishing one day and had a boat chartered. However, on the chosen day, there was small craft advisories in effect as a big storm was moving in. So, the Captain had to cancel the outing. The kids were pretty bummed.

  2. One of the best parts of a vacation is reliving the great memories. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  3. count us in ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    hopefully in next couple days, we should get some photos from the trip uploaded to the photo gallery so we can all relive some of it time and time again…

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