Suzanne “Putting on a Show” to raise money for church building foundation

This weekend, Suzanne has put together a fund raising variety show for our parish building foundation. Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Mission church received a donation of land a few years ago, and since that time our parish has put together various fund raisers to support our future building efforts. Tomorrow, Suzanne will be performing a show with a musician friend and dancers from the Alma Dolores International Dance Center to raise additional money for the building foundation.

The show, “Broadway and Beyond’ will features Suzanne singing songs from her Broadway repertoire and dancers performing Jazz, Tap, Flamenco, and Folklorico. The event will be a family affair with both Sean and Savannah dancing, and Steve, Suzanne, and Savannah baking desserts to be served at the event. Suzanne also has been busy wearing her Mexican and Flamenco dance costumes around town to promote the show and sell tickets. She and the other parishioners have sold about 80% of the tickets ahead of time and hope to sell more at the door tomorrow night.

The event promises not only to raise money for the building foundation, but also to bring the whole community together through music and dance. To learn more about the building foundation or find out how you can make a contribution, visit the church website.


  1. Break a leg — and make lots of money for Our Lady of the Angels.


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