Merry Christmas From DirecTV

We got a nice little Christmas present from DirecTV last night. They have begun to broadcast our local TV stations in High Definition. This is a big deal for us because we don’t watch very many TV shows if they are in standard definition any more. It’s just not as enjoyable. Living in the country, […]

DirecTV Finally Adds Many HD Channels

Finally, DirecTV has come through with their promise of many HD channels. They recently brought on line many additional HD channels since launching a couple of new satellites. We are now able to get around 75 HD channels on our satellite. TV viewing life is quite sweet now. Ever since getting an HDTV about four […]

Winter Olympics

It’s Winter Olympics time again. I am having a hard time getting into it this year. I tried watching a little bit this weekend but it was a struggle. I may not watch much of the rest except when Suzanne calls me to see something. One of the main issues is NBC. I dont think […]