Winter Olympics

It’s Winter Olympics time again. I am having a hard time getting into it this year. I tried watching a little bit this weekend but it was a struggle. I may not watch much of the rest except when Suzanne calls me to see something.

One of the main issues is NBC. I dont think they do a good job at all of presenting the Olympics. There is not much live, which is partially driven by the events being held in Italy. They show me want they think I want to see instead of what I really want to see. Plus, they have very little actual competition and show more of that human interest junk. That’s not why I watch the Olympics.

I remember the days with my old large C-Band antenna dish when I watched the Canadian stations broadcasting the Olympics. They knew how to do it right. They showed as much competition as possible and as much live as possible even if the Olympics were half-way around the World. Alas, Directv does not allow me to watch any of those Canadian channels.

Another major irritant with NBC is that I dont get that channel in High Definition. Being that I live in a failry remote area in Arizona, I get no television reception via antenna. I have to rely on seeing the Tucson local channels on Directv. It will be some time before the HD versions are available to that small market on Directv. So, I applied to all the networks for an HD waiver to get the National HD feeds on Directv. All networks except for NBC agreed to the waiver. NBC is the only HD network feed I dont get. I cant stand to watch standard definition television since I made the HD jump 3 years ago. It’s even worse trying to watch standard definition sports. NBC’s reasoning was I could get the standard definition Tucson locals, so I didnt need the waiver. Yeah right…

All this adds up to not watching much Olympics this year…

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