Texas Hold Em Poker Craze

Well, its official now, the Texas Hold-Em Poker craze is in full swing. For the most part, I have not yet been caught up in this recent craze. However, I have found out that my Mother has. She plays on a weekly basis. It’s small stakes type stuff, not sure if it even costs her anything to get in. It’s held at a local resteraunt/bar with prizes given out. It might be a promotional event by the proprietor to get folks in. Dont get me wrong, I think its great, but she is probably the last person I would have figured to begin this kind of activity. She even watches it on TV now to pick up some hints.

Folks at work are always talking about their latest round of Hold-Em and about the World Poker TV show on last night. Guess I am on the outside looking in here. I am still caught up in the internet craze.

Gonna have to watch my money the next time my Mother visits as she is sure to wanna play a few hands… 8)

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