The Greenery of Sonoita

Here in Sonoita, AZ we are in full swing Monsoon season. The afternoon and evening Thunderstorms have been quite spectacular. The rainfall has been heavy. At times, you cant see 50 feet away from you its raining so hard.

The Monsoon season is nice because it also tends to cool down our 100+ degree temperatures that we soar to in the Summer. It also has the side effect of making the rolling hills of Sonoita quite green. I wouldn’t say it looks like Ireland or anything, but if you are at all familiar with the area, its a stark contrast to the normal, more brown color of the area. We get this greeness, and we are not at the peak yet, for about 1 month a year in the middle of Monsoon.

I thought I would snap a couple of images of the green scenery and post them here. For a comparison, you can take a look at the Sonoita Web Scenery Photo Gallery. Both of these images are shot from our house.


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