Treadmill Dies

Well, as usual, timing seems to be perfect. I was about 30 minutes into a treadmill routine last night when the treadmill decided to die on me.

I was walking along at about a 4.0 mph clip when it suddenly stopped. Of course, I didnt stop that fast and promptly walked into the front end. No big deal, but it was a bit of a shock. I took a quick look at it and nothing stood out as wrong. I will have to troubleshoot it this weekend and see if I can figure out what’s wrong. I suspect the motor is fried.

The treadmill really doesnt owe me anything as we bought it six years ago and it has gotten plenty of use. I am just not sure I want to spring for another now since I just got the final bill for the Celebrity Mercury Mexico cruise this November and the final bill for the Celebrity Mercury Alaska cruise in June will be due shortly after the first of the year. Throw in Christmas and a few other things, and the timing for another big expenditure just isnt right.

Unfortunately, the treadmill has become a big part of my exercise routine in conjunction with my NutriSystem diet in an effort to lose some weight. Most of my workouts consist of cadio activities and the treadmill lead the way. I fear that, withouth the treadmill, my workouts will get shorter and less numerous. We do have the bowflex in the garage and some aerobic workouts (mainly Maya Yourself Fitness on the Xbox) but they are not my favorite.

Walking outside is just not the same and at least for me, is harder to get as good a workout as the treadmill. The treadmill makes you do more or else fall off the back. I guess I will have to take a look at a new one or some other option like an ellipitacl trainer or stairmaster. Argh….


  1. Steve, we had a treadmill die as well a while back. It ended up just being a cheap fuze located in the base (it was a healthrider). We had to order the fuze online, but once we replaced it the treadmill worked fine. The way it instantly died sounds like it may have been a fuze.

    Nonetheless, I just purchased a new NordicTrack treadmill for Karen a few weeks ago (from Sears). It was a little under $1K and is a great treadmill (good for up to 300 lbs). So far, we love it!


  2. will have to check,but all of the other electronics are still working… the timer, the claroie counter, the speed, the incline, etc etc… so there is still power, but the part you walk/run on doesnt work…

    Mr Papa

  3. Mrs. Papa is hoping that it is the fuse.

    I went out today and took off the cover. I talked to a guy at and he helped me find the fuse. I pulled it out and took it to the hardware store, but they did not have the exact amp and voltage, so I will go to the big store in town and see if they have it. I did have it tested at the store, and it was broken, so I am hopingthat it all it is. Also, when I took the motor cover off I discovered that one of the drive shaft fans had the blades broken off. I seem to remember stepping on the cover a few years ago by accident and hearing a terrible noise. I’m guessing that is when I broke that fan. It is just plastic fan that goes on the drive shaft, so I’m guessing that that along with the use at high speed by my daughter may have cuase the fuse to over heat and fail. The guy at also suggested that if I haven’t applied lubricant to the tread in a while that this could also have cuased the over heating. He told me to call him back to order the fan and the lubricant package if the fuse replacement gets things goin.


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