Two More Wins For Baseball Team

Sean’s baseball team had a couple of games the last two nights and came away victorious both nights to run their season record to 11 – 1.

Last night, in a game score more reminiscent of a football game, Sean’s team won the game going away by a score of 28 – 2. Nope, that’s not a typo. In four innings, they scored 28 runs. The scored 19 runs in the 2nd inning alone. During that inning Sean batted three times alone. And they did it with almost no walks. The boys were just smacking the ball all over the field. The other team did contribute a few errors, but the kids were just sharp with the bats. It was a hard game to watch even though we won.

Tonight, in a game finally at home, the kids bats came alive once again, though nothing like last night. They once again mercy rules the other team in four innings by a score of 12 – 2. They even hit two home runs over the fence tonight.

Sean continues to improve his hitting getting multiple hits in each game. They are usually the single or double variety as he doesn’t really hit for much power. He has also clearly earned the full time catching job and now catches the whole game. Sean joined this team for the first time this year and hey came into the season with three catchers. During practices, they pretty much narrowed it down to two and they shared time during the first games of the season. Now, Sean catches the whole game and continues to improve each game.

We actually get a break of about 9 days now without a game. It will be nice to not have to drive a long ways to a game for a while.

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