Vantage Point

We just finished watching a very good movie this evening. The movie was Vantage Point. It had very novel concept of seeing events and then backtracking.

The move viewed one specific event from the eyes of about six different people. It would first show you the event, in this case, the assassination of the US President, from the viewpoint of one person. The movie would then backtrack in time and show you the same event from the perspective of a different person. Each time you saw the event from the viewpoint of someone else, you learned a bit more about the event.

The movie was very riveting and very, very enjoyable. The whole family, even Savannah, enjoyed watching it. It was intriguing to see the way the director revealed bit more information each time from the viewpoint of a different person. It definitely kept one’s attention for the duration.

The director was very careful though to not reveal to much information in each trackback, just a bit more information. It wasn’t too hard to get an idea of who was good and who was bad, but as it wasn’t a “who done it” type movie, it was craftily done so as to let your imagination go, yet maintain a good level of believability.

The movie featured a few big name stars plus some foreign talent. Dennis Quad, William Hurt, Forest Whitaker and Sigourney Weaver highlighted the cast. I don’t want to reveal any of the plot, but I can definitely recommend that you give this movie a watch. You will enjoy it!

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