Welcome To The New Mr Papa’s World Design

Yes, you are at the right place. This is Mr Papa’s World. The look is just different. Recently, I have tired of the look here at Mr Papa’s World. The Almost Spring theme had been in use here since June 2006.

Today, I am happy to introduce the Papa Blues theme here at Mr Papa’s World. Its a pretty drastic departure from the previous theme. I really like it and hope that you do too. I will be introducing a new poll to get some feedback on the new theme. As always, your input is appreciated. Feel free to leave me a comment on this post with your thoughts on the new theme.

Everything seems to working just fine in the new theme. If you run into any issues, please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy the new theme here at Mr Papa’s World.


  1. kelly brunk says

    Like the flashy new web site…..it definitely catches the eye….. Kelly

  2. Thanks!

  3. Nice!!!!! Love the theme!!!

  4. hey Bernard! how’s it going? I see the recipes are flowing again on your site!

  5. My parents finally thought they’d volunteer some info….I still have to post it for them..but at least I’m getting something. It’s better than me writing all the time!

    Right now, I’m adding 9 pages of genealogy so it’s taking lots of my time. That’s awesome!

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