Whole Family Going To Grandma’s Birthday

Today, we decided to go ahead take the whole family to my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday parties. We had been contemplating whether just I should go or the whole family should go.

When we first started looking at the trip, tickets were running pretty high. I have a couple of tickets I could get on miles, but two additional tickets was still going to run close to a $1000. That is, until I looked today.

While perusing the American Airlines website, I noticed they had fares that served our needs for $248 (plus tax). Wow, I haven’t gotten a ticket that cheap in a long time. We decided to go ahead and purchase four tickets and save my miles. We are hoping to have enough for four tickets for our 2009 cruise which isn’t even planned yet.

The kids haven’t seen Great Grandma in many years and being that this is her 90th Birthday, they may not have many more opportunities which also weighed heavy in our decision. The kids will be excited as they don’t know yet and really wanted to go.

A lot of my extended family will also be coming in and it will be an opportunity to see relatives I haven’t seen in years – almost an extended family reunion of sorts. We are planning to spend the whole weekend there with Birthday parties planned for two of the nights.

We still need to arrange accommodations and perhaps transportation, but those are the easy parts. This should be a great family trip!


  1. So excited that I get to see all of you in June and again in August. Doesn’t get much better than that. Love to all.

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