Win Streak Comes To An End

Well, Sean’s football win streak came to an end today – in a big way. I mentioned in a previous post that the Bisbee kids were supposed to be big. Well, they didn’t disappoint. They were literally huge compared to our kids.

Sean’s team actually ended up forfeiting the game at half time when they only had 10 kids healthy enough to start. They started with 14 kids, but they were dropping like flies during the game. The final score, at halftime, was 20 – 0 Bisbee.

The kids actually played quite well and continued their improvement despite the score and the issues. These kids were huge compared to our kids. The offensive and defensive lines were giving up 30 – 50 pounds per kid. I would have sworn one kid was my size (sure he wasn’t though).

We got the ball first and they promptly stopped us in four downs. In fact, we lost about 20 yards in those 4 plays. Their defensive line was just blowing up or offensive line. Sean played the first part of the game on offense at left guard. He ended up on his butt many, many times. Midway through the second quarter, he finally figured out to cut the big boys at their legs and take them down. Still, they were outmanned. The offense never did get anything going all day.

The defense wasn’t much different. They again completely outsized our boys. Yet, our team’s continued improvement on defense was able to bend, but not break most of the half. They gave up one big 40 yard touchdown run, but other than that, they were able to neutralize their size. The other two scores for Bisbee came on an interception returned for a touchdown and a short 3 yard series after our offense fumbled inside our own 10 yard line. Sean was again the dominate player on defense, leading the team in tackles. He also intercepted a pass on a point after attempt and stripped a runner of the ball and returned the fumble recovery about 10 yards. By the end of the first half, the Bisbee team was double teaming him, but yet he continued to make tackles. He is really getting comfortable playing defense.

Early in the first quarter, our quarterback went down with a neck injury while playing defense. He was on the field for many minutes and was finally taken on the field on a stretcher in an ambulance. He is fine, moving everything and talking, but they don’t take any chances with the kids if they say their back or neck hurts. Midway through the second quarter, out backup quarterback went down with shoulder injury after being tackled while making a pass. He was also down several minutes but walked off the field. After two more kids suffered leg injuries, not serious, the third string quarterback (who normally plays center) closed out the half by taking a knee on the last three plays. When the center moved to QB, Sean moved over to center. Our coaches decided, correctly so, that they couldn’t play the second half with 10 kids having to play both ways – certainly not with the size difference and the way our kids were getting hurt.

Sean played really well and didn’t give an inch to the bigger kids. I have to say, I was most impressed with his game today. He says he really loves football and wants to play for a long time. I have wondered if he really has the heart for it, but he showed today that he does. The coaches called him out in the post game meetings several times.

Two more regular season games to go…

On the cheerleading side, the girls cheered about one quarter. When the kid had to be taken off the field in an ambulance, several of them lost it and Suzanne ended the day for the girls.

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