Xbox Live Arcade and My PC

Tonight has not quite gone the way I had planned. First, I planned to get in a quick couple rounds of America’s Army with my 158th clan mates. Then, I was going to play some Xbox 360 – in particular some of the new Xbox Live Arcade titles that are available.

However, when I got home tonight, I couldnt get my computer to connect up to the internet. The NIC just sits there trying to acquire a network address. I verified on the other 3 PCs and the Xbox 360, that the internet connection was indeed live. So, it was clearly isolated to my PC that just happens to have America’s Army installed on it. I rebooted it several times and checked that the ethernet cable to the PC was hot by plugging it into another computer in the same room. I powered it on and off a couple of times and still no go. I am trying my last ditch effort now of just letting it sit off for 30 minutes and then powering it on once more. It shouldn’t work after doing this but once before (about 1 year ago) a similar situation arose and that actually worked. I wont be holding my breath.

Maybe this will be enough for me to convince Suzanne to let me get a new computer. We have talked about it because that computer is also our video editing and graphics editing machine. It’s pushing 3 years old, so a new one is in order. We have talked about waiting to the first of the year though.

I will go ahead and take one simple little step before I do that. I will pick up a cheap NIC and see if its just as simple as that dying, which I believe it to be. If that doesnt work, more ammo for a new PC.

Anyways, I had intended to write about the new Xbox Live Arcade games. The Microsoft team has started a new program where they are releasing a new Xbox Live Arcade game every Wednesday. Today is the third Wednesday of this new program. I have purchased two of the three – Frogger and Galaga. Those are some classic coin-op games. After playing Frogger for a while, I still stink at it. Tonight, I will get in some Galaga time as I used to handle that one okay. Someday, I will have to try that third game in demo mode first. The title is eluding me at the moment, but I had never heard of it.

I am still waiting patiently for the Texas Hold Em release on Xbox Live Arcade. Evidently, the lawyers have gotten involved and that is holding up the release. Microsoft had originally announced that the game would be free. Recently, they have recinded that statement. The free game was going to be sponsored by an online gambling casino that was going to get ads in the game. Evidently, lawyers became involved and were worried about gambling adds being flash in front of youngsters who downloaded the game because it was free. So, the game will not be sponsored by the online gambling casino and will not be free.

If you ask me, I would rather the game not be free anyways. Hopefully, if folks have to pay to get the game, they will be more serious about poker. I absolutely hate playing with the noob idiots that join and go “all in” every hand because its fake money. Good times can be had when you find a group of players who try to play more like its real.

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