Madden 2009

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time when the new football videogames for the year come out. Or rather football (singular) videogame comes out. Yes, that’s the Madden franchise and yes I am anything but a Madden fan. I long for the days of the old NFL 2K series. They completely beat the tar […]

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was extremely busy, but very fun for us. The weekend started Friday night with us enjoying the relatively new Blu-Ray player. We have been watching many old movies in high def. Some are simple upconverts and not a tremendous increase in resolution. Others have been remastered and are downright beautiful. This weekend […]

Boardgames on the Xbox 360

As my loyal readers (gotta be at least 8 of ya) know, we are pretty avid boardgamers. The family loves sitting down on the weekend and spending hours playing boardgames. Actually, the kids would love to play even more. Our game closet at home must have 50 different boardgames in it. Lately, the boardgame industry […]

Doom Available on Xbox Live Arcade

Today, another old school game was released on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360. The game released was Doom. Doom is often credited with beginning the 1st Person Shooter revolution. Today, 1st Person Shooters are one of the most popular genres of video gaming. The graphics for Doom on Xbox Live Arcade look pretty […]

Xbox 360 Texas Hold Em Poker

Hooah! Today is the release date for the Texas Hold Em poker game on Xbox Live for the Xbox 360. This date has been a long time in coming. The original release date was back in February. A lot has changed since then too. The game was going to be free and supported by in […]

Texas Hold Em Poker for Xbox 360

Finally, the day is approaching! Next Wednesday, the 23rd of August, Texas Hold Em Poker for the Xbox 360 on the Xbox Live Arcade will launch! In addition, Microsoft has announced on that for the first 48 hours it is available, the Texas Hold Em Poker game will be free. After that, the game […]

Xbox Live Arcade Games

Microsoft recently completed it’s Summer Promotion of Arcade Wednesday. For five weeks this Summer they released a new Xbox Live Arcade game on Wednesdays. The promotion was a smash hit on Xbox Live Arcade. I happened to download four of the five and thought I would give my impressions of them. Frogger This was the […]

Xbox Live Arcade and My PC

Tonight has not quite gone the way I had planned. First, I planned to get in a quick couple rounds of America’s Army with my 158th clan mates. Then, I was going to play some Xbox 360 – in particular some of the new Xbox Live Arcade titles that are available. However, when I got […]

Xbox Live and Cards

Since receiving my Xbox 360 last December, Sean and I have enjoyed many gaming sessions on it – many lasting into the wee morning hours of Saturdays or Sundays. Since we finally got real broadband (I dont count satellite) here in the mountains of AZ in February, we have been able to enjoy Xbox Live […]

Xbox 360 Update

Yesterday Microsoft released their Dashboard update. A bunch of minor fixes though it seems their servers were pretty busy since my download failed several times before I could actually get it. Internet rumors have the primary reason for the release being some security fixes to slow down the modders. Strange, but lately, I have found […]