Xmas Dance Recital

Tonight was the Christmas Dance Recital for Suzanne and the kids. Savannah was in about 6 dances and Sean was in about 5 dances. Suzanne only had one dance tonight.

The dance recital was again held at the Buena Performing Arts Center in Sierra Vista, AZ. This is where they are usually held. Tonight, it was a packed house. I think the center holds about 800 folks and it was almost completely full at the start of the show. Usually, we are doing pretty good to have it half full for shows.

As usual, the show was outstanding and the kids did wonderful. They had a blast as they really like doing this stuff. They are at the dance studio 4 or 5 nights a week except during football season. With this recital, they are now done dancing until mid January. I think the break will do them good, though they are anxious to continue because the Showstoppers State competition is in February.

Sorry, no pictures as Suzanne forgot to charge the camera batteries…


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    I know it must have been beautiful! Brett and I so enjoyed the one last June.


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