Back From Germany

Well, I am back from Germany and my business trip. You may have noticed the lack of posting here. I went over there last Saturday for a conference that my company was hosting in Landshut, Germany. Landshut is about 40km North of Munich.

During the trip, in fact on the first day, you may have noticed that Mr Papa’s World was hacked by some Turkish hackers. I apologize for the crap they left here. Luckily, they didnt do any lasting damage other than replacing the front page and I was able to walk Suzanne through fixing it over the phone from Germany. They also hacked one of my other websites. I think that one is actually where they got in though they left two others alone.

The trip was very successful and loads of fun. I really enjoy business trips to Germany. I hadnt taken one there in about 4 years. Prior to that, I was going there about 3 times a year. I had been thinking I was missing the trips, but it really hit home after getting there. As conference hosts, we had lots of hard work to do, but most of the evenings and nights were ours. I really love walking around the Germany towns and sampling the local food and drink.

Well, I need to unpack and get squared away, just wanted to make a quick post that I was back and apologize for the hackers. I will try to post some more tomorrow on my trip.