What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I always knew we were screwed up here in Mr Papa’s World. Just look at the activities around the homestead today…

Suzanne made a trip to Home Depot this morning to get some hardware supplies for the decorating project in Savannah’s room. She wanted her room redone as her Birthday present. Meanwhile, Mr Papa was in the kitchen cooking all of the special food for Savannah’s Birthday dinner tomorrow.

Suzanne gets home and starts working the room. She is cutting, drilling, hammering and make a bunch of noise. Mr Papa is hard at work on his consomme, birthday cake and braided bread. I also got to make lunch for everyone. At least I got my manhood back when she came to me to make the big, long hard cut with the skill saw. I still have to make the special chicken dish tomorrow and the scampi al forno appetizer that Savannah wanted.

I guess its a good thing we are adaptable around here… 😆