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High School – Wow

So Sean enters high school next year. Am I really that old? And has time really gone by that fast! Wow… Even worse, we have been doing a lot of running around for both kids getting them to various events almost every day of the week. We had hoped that it would ease up a […]

I Need to Clone Myself

Does anybody remember the 1996 Michael Keaton/Andie McDowell movie “Multiplicity” where the main character has spread himself so thin that he decides to clone himself so he can get everything done that he needs to around his house, work, and life in general. I am starting to feel that way myself. I knew that Savannah […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-04-25

Lions get Amari Spievey CB from Iowa in 3rd. Dont know much about him, but CB was the right pick to make – a definite need! # Wow @ESPN coverage of #NFLDraft 2nd round pretty much sucks. missing half the actual player announcements. Twitter turning out to be better. # So Obama doesnt like the […]

Sean “Wins” Lottery

We recently posted about Sean having to enter a lottery for his high school choice. Since we live in rural Arizona and in an area without a high school, kids get to choose which high school they want to go to. There are about 5 realistically choices in the area (ie within 45 mins) where […]

Its Lottery Time

It is Lottery time at the Klasen household. No, its not the Power Ball or the Mega Millions, but rather the high school admissions lottery. There are two high schools in the neighboring district. One that is a 5A school and another that is a 3A. The 3A school was designed to be an alternative […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-04-18

sounds like an old phrase, but Yes! the weekend is here! Need to figure out a way to take some vacation before Nov/Dev every year. # Well, now Obama is going to screw up our space exploration. What's next??? # just launched an updated look/feel for our church website: comments/feedback welcome. just need to […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-04-11

enjoyed a nice afternoon of family boardgames. seems we don't find time to do this as often as we used to. need to correct that! # Happy Easter! # watched Frank Caliendo – All Over the Place tonight. That was some funny stuff and great impersonations! #

How Do You Get Your Kids to Appreciate Classic Movies?

I’ve had some success and some utter failures over the last few weeks to get my kids to appreciate some classic movies. I love classic movies, but I have had the hardest time getting my own kids interested in watching older films. Sometimes the pacing is just too slow, and other times the subject matter […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-04-04

weekend…. finally…. need rest…. and relaxation…. new job exhausting…. broken record….. wine…. woot! # finally watched Hurt Locker on blu-ray last night. Forgot about general rule Oscar Winner = Bad Movie. Sorry to say it held true last night. #