A Day Early Memorial Day Activities

We celebrated Memorial Day a day early today. Having to go back to work and school on Tuesday, it made more sense to have the festivities today, instead of tomorrow.

Being Sunday, we started the day with Mass at the fire station. We are getting close to building our own church. We have some the land, some money and some initial architectural plans. Currently, we are awaiting the final engineering report on the land so that the architect can finalize the plans. It’s been a while coming, but hopefully, we can break ground before the end of the year.

After church, I began the preparation of our picnic style meal. We decided to have a mixed grill. I made a nice rub for some baby back ribs and prepped them after church. I was able to let them just sit with the rub for about four hours. Around lunch I put em on the grill to cook for about 6 hours. I had prepared a nice mopping sauce to keep them moist. We could smell them cooking through out the house all day since it was a nice cool day and we had the windows open.

I also marinated some chicken in a nice lemon/garlic marinade and put them in the refrigerator for about 6 hours. To round out the mixed grill, I also prepped some pork strips from a pork loin in an Asian teriyaki marinade which also marinaded for about six hours.

To go with all this meat, we added in some potato salad and a couple of cole slaws. I had intended to make some garlic bread too, but Suzanne forgot to pick up the break and I wimped out and didn’t make the bread from scratch. We enjoyed the meal out on our back porch in our around 80 degree weather.

During the day, the kids and I also played some video games and watched some TV while Suzanne prepped a series of games to play outside before and after dinner. Before dinner, the kids had squirt gun and water fights. Of course, Mr Papa interceded a couple of times to soak the kids and even got wet a little bit myself.

After dinner, we played a bunch of games that Suzanne had found on the internet. They included an obstacle course, some ball games and some football style agility games. We must have played them for about 2 hours. Fun was had by all.

As I type this, we are getting ready to close out the day with a movie – not sure which one yet. In between all the above, I managed to finish a new web site for a friend of mine. He has had a blog in the past, but it was on the very limited blogspot. We set him up his own account on my reseller account and got him into WordPress. I set him up with a theme and design. Check out Double Tap Blog and let me know what you think.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day in all respects. Your dinner had me drooling. Love to play games.

  2. We are still enjoying the grilled meat and side dishes… We had enough to feed an army… busy nights for Suzanne and the kids getting ready for the summer dance recital on the 8th and 9th of June, so the leftovers will come in handy…

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