Baseball Struggles Continue

Sean’s baseball team struggles continue with another loss. At least they are getting better each game and closer too. This time, the went down to defeat by a score of 10 – 7. The good new is that at one point in the game, they were actually leading 7 – 6. But once again, a change in pitchers doomed them as the other team was able to successful hit the new pitcher.

This was actually quite a miserable game to be at. The temperature was hovering around 50 degrees with sustained winds of 20 – 30 mph with bigger gusts. Can you say cold? Well, at least for us Arizonans where the temp last week was in the 90’s.

Sean caught the whole game and did pretty good. He went 0 – 3 at the plate with three ground outs – two of them well hit. I need to work with him some more on a more level swing as he tends to swing down on the ball. He makes good contact and hits the ball sharply, but usually on the ground.

Two more games next week as the season continues. There is even some talk of adding a Saturday game or two so our schedule stays busy!


  1. I bet Sean’s team could beat our Ray’s. Maybe he could play with them and help them out.

  2. well, I have to miss the games this week… good side and bad side to that 😉

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