Busy Times

I will be entering some busy times for the next week or two and may not be able to keep up my current pace of posting.

Tomorrow, we head off to Phoenix for the Regional Showstoppers Dance Competition.  The kids (and Suzanne) are really excited.  It’s a weekend away from the house and they get to have some fun dancing.  Savannah is really into dancing and takes classes five nights a week.  Sean is taking dancing as a way of staying in shape for football and baseball seasons.  He really enjoys the break dancing and hip hop dance classes.  He recently started taking some Mexican Folklorico dances too and will be doing a duet with Savannah.  The local paper ran a nice story today about them going to the competition in Phoenix.  That’s another one of those nice things about living in a small rural town.

After the Phoenix trip, I head off on a business trip.  Luckily, I will be staying at a hotel right on the oceanside beach.  If it wasnt for work, it would be all fun and play.

Since I disabled the Bad Behavior plugin on this site due to it blocking me and other folks, the amount of spam has risen dramatically.  Luckily, Akismet continues to block 99% of it.  However, the spam bots have caused an increase in my bandwidth usage.

Tonight, I also uploaded an updated family tree file to my genealogy pages.  There isnt much in the update but some cleanup stuff and a few minor mods to some folks on the periphery.  I haven’t given my genealogy research enough time lately with all my website development work.   I want to change that in the near future.  I have several packets of info from folks that I need to go through and make some updates for.

In addition, today I was contacted by another mebmer of the Kott family.  She is the great granddaughter of Franz Jacob Kott, who is my great great grandfather.  Tonight, we have confirmed the relationship and that we have information to exchange.  That won’t happen until after my trips, but its still exciting and I look forward to getting some additional information and hopefully some additional leads.

So, anyways, if it seems slow around here, it will pick back up after my trips.


  1. Good luck in the competition to all the dancing Klasens–and to Mr Papa in surviving all the excitement!

    Break a leg.


  2. Thanks!

  3. Can’t wait to see the pictures! Good Luck Sean, Savannah, and Suzanne!

  4. Its usually pretty dark in there, but I will try to snap a few pictures and post them back here…

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