Changing Hosting Service Again

Mr Papa’s World and all of my other domains will be changing hosting services once again. I have been with current host for a year now and it has been pretty good. I having been paying a bit of a premium for the service and I didn’t mind it give my experiences with previous hosts. However, in the last few months my sites have struggled with it throwing internal server errors. My host and I have not been able to figure out the reason though it seems to be related to WordPress and his setup. This is not a common problem with WordPress.

Anyways, my hosting contract is up next month and it’s either now or much later if I am going to change hosts. I have decided it’s now. I am moving to a new host that I know several folks have had good luck with. I will actually be gaining some bandwidth and disk storage space too. The cost will actually be going down, so I am a bit worried about getting what you pay for, but the time is right.

I have started prepping for the move today. The actual move will most likely occur tonight or tomorrow. When it does happen, it generally takes 24 – 48 hours for all the DNS to propagate and point you to the right server. Until that time, if you come to Mr Papa’s World on the old server, you will see a site down for maintenance display. If you correctly see the Mr Papa’s World site, then your DNS has propagated and you will be at the new site. I will also post a welcome to the new site message. Hopefully, you won’t even notice the move.

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