Cruise Talk Central Getting Noticed Again

I know I have said this before, but our Cruise Talk Central site continues to grow in popularity. You have probably heard in the new recently about the lady that went overboard on the NCL Dream Ship. Well, yesterday Suzanne wrote a blog article about the incident. It has been a popular post in terms […]

Server Move

Okay, I have moved servers again… I was getting too many cpu exceeded errors on the old host… Hopefully, they are now a thing of the past… If you are seeing this post, you have arrived at the new server.

Server Move Complete

The move to the new server is complete. It was relatively painless for me – hope the same can be said for you. If you are seeing this post, then your ISP’s DNS has propagated and is correctly pointing to the new server.

Changing Hosting Service Again

Mr Papa’s World and all of my other domains will be changing hosting services once again. I have been with current host for a year now and it has been pretty good. I having been paying a bit of a premium for the service and I didn’t mind it give my experiences with previous hosts. […]