Compare Your Face To Celebrities

Ran across a neat little application the other day on the internet. A genealogy site has an online face recognition application that then compares your face to a celebrity database. It then tells you which celebrities that you most look like. It’s a fun little application. The site is: My Heritage Face Recognition

You will have to register (free) on the site in order to use the application. You upload an image to the application and it will return a series of images of celebrities that you most resemble. For best results, you would want to try it several times with multiple images and then take the common results from the celebrities listed.

For grins, I uploaded the family image below to see what would be returned for the Klasens.

The list of returned celebrities was interesting:

  • Suzanne: Kim Cattrall, Rene Russo, Kate Beckinsale, Selma Blair, Hilary Swank, Cindy Crawford, Ashton Kutchner (my favorite) and Ursula Andress
  • Steve: P Diddy, Peter Sellers, Gabriel Byrne, and Jet Li (??)
  • Savannah : Eddie Murphy (oops), Rachel Hunter, Halle Berry, Alyson Hannigan and Angelina Jolie
  • Sean: Graham Chapman, Mohandis Ghandi, Sidney Poitier and John Belushi

Each image returned is also given a percent match. Suzanne’s first match was 66%. Mine was 60%. Savannah’s was 60%. Sean’s was 56%. Those arent very high percentages. I didnt try additional photos but it might be interesting to see if duplicate matches came from different photos.

The site also has the option to match faces from their family history database versus the celebrity database, but something tells me that wouldnt be as much fun.


  1. Sounds a little goofy.

  2. Hey, i did the thing as well and most of my matches were in the 80-90% range, so perhaps just bad luck with that particular photo.

  3. I would think 80-90% was actually pretty good… Any higher and you might be that person :tongue:

    most of mine were lower :w00t: and not folks I would say I look like… still fun though…

    Mr Papa

  4. awesome

  5. Who do I look like!

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