Day 12 – Cruise Ends

Our wonderful Mexico cruise on board the Celebrity Mercury has come to a conclusion. On Friday morning, at about 7:00 am, we docked back in San Diego.

Being that we were driving home and didnt have a flight to catch, we had a late disembarkation time. We were able to enjoy a bit of breakfast and take one last stroll around the ship before finally getting off at about 10:30 am. As usual, getting your luggage and getting away from the terminal was a bit of chaos. Since we had parked our car at a lot, we had to wait for the van to come pick us up. There was about 6 groups that had done this and we were the fifth group, so we had to wait for the second van. By the time we had gotten to the car and loaded up, it was about noon when we hit the road for Arizona.

We stopped and got a nice Mexican lunch in Alpine, CA before the trip across the mountains. Traffic was pretty light and the weather was good with unlimited visibility. In a strange quirk, the weather was about 20 degrees cooler than when we had come to San Diego two weeks earlier.

After a brief Wendys stop for dinner in Marana, AZ near Tucson, we finally arrived back home in Sonoita about 9:00 pm. It seemed like a long drive, but with two food stops, and a 1 hour time change, I guess it wasnt too bad. The time would have been shorter if I had driven instead of Suzanne, but hey, those of us relaxing in the passenger seat cant complain too much.

Sue Ellen, our dog, was ecstatic to see us. She was going crazy. We unloaded the car and decided to watch some of our cruise video. And thats the way our night and cruise trip ended.

Only six and a half months until we re-board Mercury for our Alaskan cruise. It will be interesting to see what Mercury looks like after her dry dock refurbishment in April of 2007. Other members of my family will be going on that cruise, so it should be fun. We actually have the same cabin booked for that cruise. Suzanne and Savannah wrote themselves a note and taped it to the bottom of one of the dresser drawers and are anxious to see if it is still there in June.

Hopefully, in the next few days, I will get some of the pictures from the cruise uploaded to Mr Papa’s World.


  1. Welcome back. It sounds like you guys had a great time! If I can ever get Karen over her fear of deep water, we will have to try a cruise.


  2. Fantastic, it was… Suzanne and I had chose cruising as our favorite means of vacationing beginning back on our honeymoon years ago… We have recently expanded that to include the kids as this was there second cruise… They too love it and cant wait for future cruises… We might not see much of America this way, but we will see the World…

    Mr Papa

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