Day 2 – At Sea

Yesterday was a wonderful day at sea on our way to Mexico aboard the Celebrity Mercury.  The days at sea are the best for me.  Most ports, I dont really care if we get off the boat or not.  We usually do, but its certainly not a priority for me. 

The weather yesterday was absolutely wonderful.  The temperature was in the mid-70’s, mostly clear skies and very little wind.  It was perfect for sitting up on deck and relaxing.  The water was almost a sheet of glass.  It was the calmest I have ever seen the ocean on a cruise.  And to think, there was some apprehension before leaving about hurricane/tropical storm Sergio messing up the area.

The kids enjoyed most of the day in the Kids Club.  They had a bunch of activities planned for them.  We all got together for one of them – a family scavenger hunt.  We had 30 minutes to scour the ship for a list of items.  We did pretty fwell and finished 3rd overall.  The kids won a Celebrity Kids Club backpack for our efforts.

I was in follow mode for most of the adult activities.  Suzanne wanted to compete in several trivia contests that were held the first day.  They are not my favorite thing, but were still relaxing. We actually took first place in one of the trivia contests and won a Celebrity pen apiece.  I did manage to get to the duty free shops and pick up my obligatory Celebrity Mercury hat.  I always get a hat of the ship I am on.

Last night was a formal night, so we got all decked out for dinner.  Sean and I had on our tuxedos with matching taupe cumberbunds.  Since we zeroed in on cruising as our family vacation, we own our own tuxes.  Suzanne wore a nice gold dress.  Since that’s the best I can describe it, I am sure I will be in trouble.  Savannah wore a nice white dress that I think she got for her first communion.  She got lots of compliments on it.

Dinner was wonderful once again.  The kids were excited because they had escargot as an appetizer choice.  They really love those snails.  Sean and Suzanne had Gulf Shrimp in a sauce for dinner.  Savannah had a nice looking roasted pork tenderloin.  I had a filet mignon with a nice sherry sauce.

After dinner, it was the first big production show of the cruise with the Celebrity Singers and Dancers.  We went as a family and enjoyed the show.  The kids got a big kick out of meeting the cast afterwards and sharing with them all the dance classes they are taking.  Some of the dancers said they will come by the talent show and watch the kids do their dances.  I dont know if they will or not, but they were very nice to the kids.

It was a late night for everyone last night.  The Kids Club was running a slumber party for the kids until 1:00 am so we let them go to that and Suzanne and I went out “on the town” for the night.  We enjoyed several of the different clubs and the live music in them.  Suzanne likes to stay out late on the formal nights when she went to the effort of dressing up.  Also, we were scheduled for a late morning arrival into Cabo San Lucas so we could sleep in.

As I type in this post, we are anchored just outside of Cabo and tendering operations have begun.  Its another beautiful day in Mexico.  Our plan is to enjoy a lunch and then take a water taxi out to the El Archo on Lands End.

More to come from the beautiful Celebrity Mercury on our 2006 Mexico cruise…


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Love hearing about your cruise and all the activities!


  2. Sounds like a great vacation so far! Keep enjoying and Happy Thanksgiving!

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