Day 3 – Cabo San Lucas

Yesterday was our first day in port as we visited Cabo San Lucas.  It was another beautiful day with temperatures reaching about 80.  You can feel the heat rising as we head South.  Skies were once again clear and calm although the harbor where we dropped anchor was a bit choppy.

We had a scheduled arrival time of 10:30 in Cabo and we arrived right on schedule.  It was very beautiful to watch the Mexican coast pass by as we approached Lands End (the end of the Baja California Peninusla).  The rock formations that jut out from the end, such as El Arcos, were stunning. 

We decided to lunch about noon and then take a tender into Cabo for our water taxi tour and ride out to Lovers Beach.  Since they started launching the tenders about 11:00 and we didnt go there until about 1:00, we were able to get on a tender with no wait.  I like the little boat rides in, but some people get really freaked out by them.  Half a dozen folks turned around instead of getting in the tender and riding it ashore.  I also heard others on deck saying no way they would ride in a tender boat which is actually one of the life boats.  I guess they dont like small boats.  Last time we did this itineray, all I did was ride the tender back and forth a few times.

After getting ashore, we began searcing for a water taxi to hire.  After some haggling, we agreed on a price and plan.  The water taxis are glass bottom boats about the size of a row boat with an outboard moter.  The taxi driver gave us a little tour of the harbor and then headed for Lands End.  The scenery near Lands End was very nice from the glass bottom boat.  We saw some wonderful coral formations and many different kinds of fish.  He gave us some nice close of views of the El Arcos and the other formations that make up Lands End.  To be safe, we didnt bring our new digital camera with us, but wished we had.  We did have a disposable underwater camer that we sanpped a few pictures of.  Hopefully, they will come out well.

After the Lands End tour, we had the taxi drop us off at Lovers Beach near El Arcos.  The kids were able to swim there for about an hour before we boarded the water taxi for the return ride to the harbor.  It was a fun afternoon.

On the way back to the ship, we noticed the water had gotten a bit rougher, but the weather was still very nice although a bit humid.  The tender Captain had a some trouble getting the tender tied up at the Mercury and at one point we crashed into the ship dock pretty hard.  The fiberglass side of the boat creaked and bent pretty good.  A small hole formed in the side of the tender.  A couple of folks became panicked though I didnt really get why.  The hole was a good 4 feet above the waterline and was no danger to the tender.  Even if the hole had been on the direct bottom of the tender, it would have taken hours to take on enough water to cause issues.  Oh well, someone still has some repair work to do.

Dinner was an informal night.  Sean still wanted to wear a tie, so we let him.  The kids also noticed on the menu in small print that escargot was one of the things that could be ordered any night of the cruise which just got them excited.  So, they enjoyed a second straight night of escargot.  For the entree, Savannah and I enjoyed pan roasted baby spring chicken seared with rosemary olive oil.  It was very delicious though a bit small which actually was quite pleasant because we have eaten too much food as usual.  Suzanne enjoyed a three fish combo plate and Sean ordered Sirloin Roast Beef with some Lamb shank on the side. 

After dinner, the kids went to the Kids Club and Suzanne and I took in the show which was a ventriloquist.  He was very good and hilarious.  We had a good laugh at the show.  The kids probably would have enjoyed it too.  Late night meant karaoke night.  Suzanne sang three songs.  We retired for the night again about midnight.

The late night mean another short sleep night as we were docking at 7:00 am in Mazatlan the next morning and we had an excursion planned for the day.  We will need a vacation to recover from our vacation at this rate.

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