Don’t Look Now, But It’s A Win Streak

How ’bout them Yellow Jackets? One week after there startling first victory in over three weeks last year, they won’t out against Sierra Vista today and just walloped them. The final score in the game was Yellow Jackets 31 and the Eagles 6. The game was even more lopsided than the score.

The kids continue to gel extremely well as a team. This makes it two in a row for them. They were completely dominant today. On defense, they only allowed 1 first down for the kids from Sierra Vista and were constantly pushing them backwards. I lost track of the number of tackles that Sean had at left end today after 15. He played extremely well. The opposing team scored their only points on a kickoff return after we had scored.

The offense played equally as well, moving the ball pretty much at will. Had it not been for an interception and three fumbles, the score would have been considerably higher. Sean again played left guard and his assigned block only made two tackles all day. The kids were very excited to get a second win.

Even being in the stands for the game was comfortable today. The high heat and humidity have finally left us as monsoon is but a distant memory. There was a nice cool breeze and the temperature was in the low 80’s.

I have to hand it to the coaches. They are really getting these kids to play some football. They are the same kids that lost all games three years in a row and playing the same kids. They are finally learning some football skills and how to play as a team. They are even believing in themselves and each other. Its great to see them helping each other, complimenting one another and generally lifting each other.

On the cheerleading side, Savannah and her squad continue to get better each week. The regional cheer competition is coming up in about three weeks, so maybe they will peak at the right time.

I was mistaken in my previous post about this being a home game. It was in Sierra Vista, but that’s only 10 minutes or so further, so still pretty near the homestead. The final three games of the season will be at home, so our long travels for football are done, at least until the playoffs. Next week Bisbee visits us. They tend to be one of the better teams and are definitely one of the bigger sized teams. It will be very interesting to see how the kids handle that challenge.


  1. I called it last week!!! You are on a roll Sean !! Congrats !!

    It must be those wonderful cheerleaders. Keep up the good work Savannah !!

  2. Yeah!! The waiting is over. You guys are wonderful. Go team.

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