Family Reunion Updated

Just a quick update, but we are back from our fast and furious trip up to the Grand Canyon. Even though I have been there before, it’s still a sight to behold. None of my family had been there before and it was quite satisfying to see their eyes open wide and jaws drop as you walk up to the edge and view the Canyon for the first time.

We headed out the door about 6:00 am yesterday morning and began the drive up. 7 hours later and a half dozen stops, we had reached Tusyan at the edge of the Grand Canyon entrance. I dont think I have ever stopped quite as much as we did on this trip for a number of reasons. It probably added 90 minutes to the trip. We were now 2 miles from the entrance and came to a grinding halt. The line into the Canyon was backed up two miles. Some 90 minutes later, we finally paid our fee and entered the Canyon. Yes, 90 minutes to go the last two miles – quite aggrevating.

We spent some time walking the Canyon and taking pictures. Of couse, the kids were constantly getting yelled at about getting too close the edge, but that was expected. We all survived! We then ate dinner at the El Tovar right at the Canyon’s edge. The food was fair at best – much worse than the last time we ate there. We then drove to a few lookouts on the way out of the Canyon and continued to marvel at its beauty.

A short 90 minute drive to Flagstaff and we were at our hotel for the night. We took the kids for a quick swim in the pool this morning and then got back on the road to Sonoita.

i will try to get some Grand Canyon pictures up soon, but it may have to wait until the family leaves. Tomorrow is the Fourth of July parade and picnic.

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