Family Update

Just a quick update on Mr Papa and his family…

Savannah continues to be sick. On the way home from our Cloudcroft, NM trip, she threw up in the car about half an hour before we got home. She had told us the evening before that she felt like she was coming down with something. I am sure it has something to do with being in the cold weather for 5 days. It may also have something to with being exposed to her Aunt and GrandPop in Cloudcroft as both had colds and/or respiratory ailments. She has been diagnosed with bronchitis and some sort of viral infection. They started her on antibiotics but they were ineffective. This week, they changed the type of antibiotic. She was actually fever free today, so she may well be on the road to recovery. She will likely miss all this week of school. Sean has been bringing home some homework for her, so hopefully she wont fall too far behind.

We got a huge propane bill last week. We don’t have natural gas out here in the sticks of Arizona. Instead, we have a several hundred gallon tank of propane gas. The house is heated by propane and it is winter time here in Sonoita, so the propane bill goes up. However, the bill last month was over $400. That is exorbitantly high. Suzanne informed today that she has been dealing with an issue with the washer. Evidently, the door doesn’t securely close, so the washer doesn’t do it’s spin cycle which leaves the clothes very wet. Suzanne has been putting the wet clothes in the dryer and it is taking 3 or 4 cycles to dry the clothes. Argh… wish I knew about this issues before they became bona fide problems. Oh well, looks like a couple hundred dollar bill to get a new door for the washer. I guess I cant recommend buying more expensive washer and dryer equipment since they seem to break much faster than the cheap stuff. This stuff was top of the line Neptune equipment and is only a couple of the years old.

Looks like the Alma Dolores International Dance Studio that Suzanne and the kids go to is expanding. The paint store next door to them has left and Alma picked up the lease. She will be adding an extra two dance floors/studios. Thus, she will be adding additional dance and miscellaneous classes. She has asked Suzanne to become a teacher at the studio. No, not a dance instructor as that would be funny (well, not as funny as me being an instructor). Instead, Suzanne will teach pom pom dance to young girls. This will build on her recent experience as a cheer leading coach. The best part of this, is that we will get a discount on our family plan bill we pay to Alma for everyone (except me) to dance. Suzanne hasn’t told me yet how much of a discount, but hopefully it’s significant. I think we pay something like $170 a month for the kids and Suzanne’s dance lessons.

If you haven’t yet checked out my new website, Sonoita Web, please do so and let me know what you think.

Until next time…


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    Sonoita website look really good. Now you just have to get the community involved so the people and businesses post their info.

    Suzanne, Congratulations on being the pom-pom dance teacher!

    Surely hope this new medicine gets Savannah on the way to feeling better–and “up and at ’em.”



  2. Jackie Klasen says

    Sure hope Savannah is all better in time for her birthday.

  3. The second round of antibiotics is working… She actually went back to school today, so strongly back on the road to recovery…

    Mr Papa

  4. Definitely hope she’s getting better. I know the Doddema’s have had their fun at the doctor’s office this winter season.

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