Football + Arizona + September = Hot

Wow, what a day for football today. There wasnt a cloud in the sky and the temperatures rose above 90 degrees. That’s not the norm for Arizona in September, but its not that outlandish either. Being as we are in the mountains, it must have been pushing 100 in Tucson. Sean had another football game this morning. Savannah was again cheerleading for the boys.

Sean’s team suffered another defeat by the score of 25 – 6. The game was a bit closer than the score, but never in doubt. Sean’s team gave up all the points in the first half with most in the first quarter. On offense, they had a problem holding on to the football, so the other guys scored quickly, early and often. Sean’s team actually won the second half, but it was too late. The boys record stands at 0 and 4.
Sean played cornerback on defense for some reason today. His team has a new head coach that has the kids in a different defensive scheme. Sean is too slow for cornerback, but since the kids at this age dont really pass that much, it didnt matter. The position ends up getting played more like a linebacker or blitzing cornerback on every play. Once again, Sean was either first or second for number of tackles in the game. Its usually him or one other kid on the team that gets the majority of tackles. He really loves to play defense.

On offense, he played tight end. I think that position works for him because he gets to hit some more. He had several key blocks for some yardage. Mentally, he doesnt equate tight end with being a lineman. The one lone score for his team was on a 55 yard TD pass. The pass was really only about 10 yards but the kid had daylight all the way to the end zone. Since they dont pass much, if you can complete one, it will usually go for a long ways.

It was kind of an off day for the cheerleaders. Several werent feeling that well today, plus the heat had them taking a bunch of breaks. Still, they sounded good. For some reason, the heat always seems to affect the girls more than the boys. Maybe its an adrenaline thing for the guys playing football.

Next week we are off to Benson for the game. That should be a long day for the boys as they are usually the best in the region. Its the biggest city in the region and they usually have lots of kids. Still, this is a wonderful oppportunity for Sean to play football, get lots of playing time and play both ways. He truly loves the game and regularily talks about playing it for a long time. Today, he told me he wants me to construct an offseason training program for him. He wants to work harder in the offseason than during the season. Hopefully, he will still feel that way in a few months.

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