Football Season – Hooah!

The football season is underway! College ball started a week or two ago. Last night, the NFL season kicked off with Pittsburgh dusting off Miami 28 – 17.

Tomorrow, Sean opens up his football season. Man, is he excited. Football is his true passion. Not only does he absolutely love to play the game, he likes to watch and study it. He is again playing in the American Youth Football Mighty Mite League. Basically, the league is for 7 – 10 year olds. Sean is at the top end of the age. He plays other sports and takes a bunch of dance lessons, but its always in anticipation of football season.

This year, Sean will be starting on defense at the linebacker position. I think he will truely be at home there because he likes to hit and tackle. I would be a bit worried about his speed, but thats not really a factor at his age. He does love to tackle and has a nose for the ball. During the NFL preseason, we watched a couple of games and he was watching the linebackers to see how they played/reacted to plays.

On offense, this year Sean will be playing fullback. Last year he played guard, so maybe his speed has improved. I believe it’s more likely he is playing the position again because he likes to hit. As the fullback, he gets to lead block for the back. Earlier this week, he also found out he is going to be the team punter. His leg must be about ready to fall off because he has been practice punting nonstop getting ready.

Also this football season, Savannah will be cheerleading for Sean’s football team. Suzanne is also the cheer coach. They kick off the season tomorrow as well.

Tomorrow will be a long day though, as the season kickoff festivities begin at 8:00 am. That means leaving the house around 7:00am. Suzanne will be singing the National Anthem at the kickoff ceremonies. Sean’s game isnt until 10:30, so we wont get back most likely until after 2:00.

I will be sure to post an update on the game tomorrow…


  1. Go Sean! Enjoy. Just don’t get hurt or hurt anyone else. (You can tell this is Grammy speaking)

  2. Love the way your pictures keep changing. How do you do that?

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