Happy Birthday Savannah!

Well, technically it was yesterday, but today being Saturday, we are doing most of the celebration activities today. More on that later…

Yesterday the kids had a half day of school and their 1st Semester awards program. Both kids received honor roll once again with Sean earning a 4.96 grade point and Savannah earning a 3.79 average. Pretty good!

Savannah has been watching a lot of cooking shows lately on the Food Channel and decided she wants to be a chef. She has been at my side for years now helping me cook. One of her favorite Food Channel shows is the Challenge Show where folks make really, really outlandish and beautiful cakes. So yesterday, she decided she wanted to make her own birthday show cake – and she wanted minimal help from me or Suzanne.

She actually went as far as making molding chocolate and fondant, as well as cakes/brownies. Keep in mind, she just turned 11, but you can see the result of her hard work below. As you can probably see, she went with a breakfast in a skillet theme. Pretty darn good job! She is already itching to make more.

[image title=”savannah and cake” size=”medium” id=”2824″ align=”none” ]


[image title=”frying pan cake” size=”medium” id=”2825″ align=”none” ]

To help celebrate her Birthday today, we will head in to town. She received a bit of money from some relatives for her Birthday and wants to stop by the mall and shop (oh boy). Then she wants to see a movie. The movie she wants to see is Mall Cop. I fear we have seen all the funny parts in the ads on TV, but its here choice.

After the movie, we will grab some dinner. She has in mind this shish-ka-bob place for dinner. I have never eaten there, but she is itching for some Oriental shish-ka-bob. After dinner, we will likely return home and have some cake (yes, its edible) and finish opening her presents. Depending on the time, we may even partake in a family boardgame.


  1. Savannah,

    It looks good enough to eat. When I talked to you Friday, you mentioned that you made creme brulee for your class treat. What elegant taste. How old are you again?


  2. Eleven…

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