Help Choosing A Hosting Plan

One of the toughest decision for bloggers has always been where to host their blogs. Choosing a hosting company for your blogs has been one of trial and error or relying on the experiences of your friends. Well, we now have another tool in our arsenal for choosing a hosting company.

There is a new online service,, that allows bloggers to review prospective hosting companies. The site has a host of tools that you can use to help you make a good choice in your search for a hosting company.

Web Hosting Choice has a nifty search feature where you enter in data for how much you want to pay each month, how much you want to pay for a setup fee and how much disk space and bandwidth that you want each month. The search feature will then return a list of hosting companies that meet your criteria. There is also an advanced search that allows you to define a bunch more criteria that you want a hosting company/plan to meet.

They also have directories that list the hosting companies and the various hosting plans available. Their listing of hosts is pretty extensive, but I did notice a few missing hosts. To counter this, Web Hosting Choice also includes a tool for users to submit names and information for hosting companies that are not currently in their directory.

Web Hosting Choice also has an extensive learning center for bloggers to learn more about the hosting plans and what to look for in a good host. The learning center includes topics on domains, bandwidth, dedicated servers and what to look for in hosting plans.

If you are looking for a new hosting company, be sure to check out before making a final decision.

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