My Poor Blog

Oh my poor little blog. How I have neglected it lately! It’s not really by choice, but things have become hectic around here. It probably sounds old, but with work and the kids now doing something damn near every night, time for Mr Papa’s World has been limited. I have managed to do little “Quick […]

Yes, It’s Another “Where’s Mr Papa?”

Where in the heck did the last week go? It was nothing but a blur. That’s good in some respects and bad in others. As to my website updates, it was bad. Sorry for the lack of updates over the last week. A pop up business trip opportunity became available for next week and it […]

Help Choosing A Hosting Plan

One of the toughest decision for bloggers has always been where to host their blogs. Choosing a hosting company for your blogs has been one of trial and error or relying on the experiences of your friends. Well, we now have another tool in our arsenal for choosing a hosting company. There is a new […]

Lions vs Cowboys

This is a rare week for me. Tomorrow the Detroit Lions play the Dallas Cowboys. Detroit is, and always has been, my favorite team. My second favorite team is whoever plays the Cowboys. So, extra incentive for my team this week. In this world of blogging, all teams have blogs. Today, I was interviewed by […]

Net Hopping

I am going to try to do something occasionally here at Mr Papa’s World.  I will call it Net Hopping.  I read a lot of interesting articles/post from around the internet thanks to the wonders of RSS feed readers.  I am going to start posting an occasional blog with links to some of the more […]

Your Xbox Has It’s Own Blog

I am a little late to this game, but I recently signed up for Xbox Voice 360 site. The premise of the site is that your Xbox 360 has a voice and does its own daily blog of you activities. It “posts” in blog fashion on the games you have been playing and the progress […]