Hooters for Sean’s Birthday!!!

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Well wouldn’t you know it! Sean turned 13 this year and he picked Hooters for the location of his 13th Birthday Celebrations. Sean said he wanted to go their for the food (which is still quite good) and yes, for the scenery.

The Hooters Girls didn’t let him down. They made a birthday banner for him, had him do the Hooters Chicken Birthday Dance and sang a birthday song for him. Sean got to bring friend with him. The Hooter Girls were really nice, but Sean commented “They were way out of my league!”.

Savannah commented that they were quite short which actually put them in Sean’s league. Actually, I don’t know why Hooters has such a racy reputation because the girls wear more than what I wear to the gym, but maybe it is that they look so much better than me in that outfit. Our waitress, Heidi, was really quite nice and especially kind to the three younger members of our group.

It was a quite fun place to celebrate our little party. Sean still has to work on being able to carry on a conversation with a pretty girl. Maybe one day he’ll find a girl that the same interests as he does: Halo, Oblivion, Fall Out 3, Food, Football, Baseball, Basket Ball, Dogs, SitComs and Sodas. Only then can he actually have a meaningful conversation with a girl.


  1. wow, I would have loved it if my parents had taken me to a Hooters place for my 13th! there must have been hormones all over the place!
    .-= Andy Bailey´s last blog ..JSKIT goes to Echo and so does CommentLuv =-.

  2. So, I hope I never see you at the Gym……that aside…happy birthday to Sean!
    .-= Paul Tobin´s last blog ..Penguins’ Mid-Summer Update =-.

  3. Congratulations Sean on being a teenager. Know your birthday was extra special – just like you.

  4. Hmmm… he has already asked when are we going back! We may have created a monster! 😉

  5. Brett (Grandpop) says

    I’m sure Sean wants to go back because the wings were so good. Right ?

  6. Oh, and Paul, the article was written by Suzanne – not I, so its her in the skimpy clothes. You’re right, that would be scary if it was me!

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