I Finally See One of Sean’s Basketball Games

I finally had an opportunity to see on of Sean’s basketball games yesterday. All of his games start at 3:30 in the afternoon which means leaving work about 2:30 just to get to the close games. Most would require me to leave even earlier.

The middle school games are supposed to be organized into A, B and C games. A games are supposed to be for 8th graders only. Our rural community doesn’t have enough kids for an A team, so we don’t have one. B team is supposed to be for the “better” of the 6th and 7th grades with the C team being the rest.

Well, our school only has 8 kids playing basketball, so we play the same kids for the B game and the C game. The other team from Patagonia had maybe 12 kids, but they too played everyone in all the games. Very odd indeed. So the kids essentially just play two games which they enjoy very much.

In the first game, Sean’s team was victorious by a score of 21 – 13. They play 2 ten minute halves with a running clock except for free throws, so the game goes by pretty quick. It was a nice victory, but its safe to say there wasn’t much in the ways of plays on offense for either team. It was run and gun style with maybe 1 or 2 passes.

In the second game, Sean’s team lost by a score of 18 – 12. It was pretty much the same kind of game. Sean had two points in each game. It doesn’t really matter that none of the kids on the court appear to have a future in basketball as they all appeared to have loads of fun which is the most important thing.

I really enjoyed a chance to see Sean play a game. I don’t miss his baseball or football games because of the time of those games, but these basketball games are tough. I want to be sure to see at least one more next year.


  1. So nice that the boys could enjoy playing. Usually the parents spoil it and become obnoxious.

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