It Works!!!

Hooah! The new internet service is up and running. It’s working like a hose. It’s a nice, fast, clean connection. So much better than that crappy satellite service that I will keep for a month or so until I am sure the wireless stuff remains reliable.

I played a little bit of America’s Army last night and wow, what a difference from my old laggy dialup connection for games. When I aim at someone, they die now instead of hitting air or having to lead them by a bunch. In a two hour session last night, I managed a frag rate of about 4.0.

Sean and I also gave Xbox Live a try with the new connection. Again, awesome results. Well, the connection anyways – not necessarily our gaming skills. We are gonna have to work on those Xbox 360 Call of Duty 2 skills. With this new connection, I can now use my Xbox Live for more than just downloading content. It’s gonna be hard though to pull time from America’s Army to increase the Xbox 360 time. I am just gonna have to bear down and figure out how.

The wonderful life in the desert/mountains of Arizona, just got better…

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