It Works!!!

Hooah! The new internet service is up and running. It’s working like a hose. It’s a nice, fast, clean connection. So much better than that crappy satellite service that I will keep for a month or so until I am sure the wireless stuff remains reliable. I played a little bit of America’s Army last […]

New Internet Service – Update

Today is supposed to be go live day for my new wireless internet service here in rural AZ. Up until now, I have been stuck wth dialup for gaming and satellite for general web browsing. I am pretty stoked about this and anxious to get home from work and give her a go. In an […]

New Internet Service Being Installed Sunday

Hooah! The new wireless internet service is being installed Sunday afternoon. I guess those guys dont get to watch the Super Bowl. The service wont actually go live in my rural paradise here in the mountains of Arizona until the 15th of February. Excitement is an understatment of my feelings. Shedding the satellite service and […]

New Wireless Internet Provider

Holy Cow, it appears to finally be happening. I absolutely love living in the mountains of Arizona and wouldn’t change it for nothing, but a fact of that life is crappy internet service. My only options are satellite (Direcway) and dialup. I actually have both as I used the Direcway service (as poor and expensive […]