More Spam Issues

Spam continues to be a problem here at Mr Papa’s World.  I recently wrote about some of the tools I use here.

In the last week or so, I have run into some serious trouble with the Bad Behavior plugin blocking good folks like me!  Prior to about a week ago, it was stopping a lot of spammers from even reaching my site.  This had the side benefit of saving me some bandwidth too.  Then all of a sudden, it stopped being nearly as effective.

Akismet is the other piece of software I use to defeat spam.  While Bad Behavior was functioning, Akismet had to do very little to stop spam since it never reached Akismet.  Prior to Bad Behavior, Akismet was stopping several hundred spams a day.

Well, with Bad Behavior going on the fritz about a week ago, Akismet slowly started ramping up spam stops again.  When Bad Behavior started blocking readers and then me, I finally threw in the towel and uninstalled Bad Behavior today.  The Akismet spam blocks are already rising steadily throughout the day.

I guess it really doesnt matter how the spam is stopped as long as it is stopped.  By getting to Akismet, it uses up a bit more bandwidth, but I seem to have plenty of that.  I dont know how many “good” readers Bad Behavior stopped, but at least with Akismet, I can peruse the blocks before the stuff is removed.  I didnt have that option with Bad Behavior.  Of course, not sure I want to review several hundred or more spam logs a day to find a few bad blocks, but I will do it for a while to see make sure Akismet is not blocking real comments.

Bad Behavior is supposed to be releasing a new major revision to the plugin soon, so I may yet try it again.

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