Mr Papa’s World Adds Shoutbox

The features keep on rolling in…

I have now added a shoutbox to Mr Papa’s World. With this new shoutbox, you can leave me a quick message (or shout) without having to reply to a specific post or comment, or without having to use the contact form.

In addition, if you time it just right, you might find me or another friend online at Mr Papa’s World at the same time. When this happens, the shoutbox can then act as a mini chat room for those visiting Mr Papa’s World at the same time. The shoutbox is ajax so, it updates in almost realtime without having to have the whole page refreshed.

The shoutbox doesnt quite fit into my website theme, so its going to be a work in progress to make it look quite right. I have some similar issues with the recently added polls. I will work to get them integrated a bit more nicely, so you may see some changes in the shoutbox in the short term.

So, give me a shout and lets chat! The shoutbox can be found in the far right hand column, right under the random images.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome…

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