Another New Look

If its Fall again, it must be time to update the look of Mr Papa’s World. Upon arriving at the site now, you will obviously notice a big difference from the previous look. I have tried to update the site theme based upon my more recent usage of the site. Instead of the light colors, […]

Site Update

Once again, I have made a few changes to Mr Papa’s World. I have added a section in the sidebar for historical archives. You can search the archives by author, by date, by category or by tag. The archives section also contains an archive of the polls I have run here at Mr Papa’s World. […]

Mr Papa’s World Adds Shoutbox

The features keep on rolling in… I have now added a shoutbox to Mr Papa’s World. With this new shoutbox, you can leave me a quick message (or shout) without having to reply to a specific post or comment, or without having to use the contact form. In addition, if you time it just right, […]

Mr Papa’s World Adds Polls

Okay, I have taken the plunge and added a poll feature to Mr Papa’s World. From time to time, I will introduce a new poll for your viewing pleasure. ๐Ÿ™‚ In addition, it will give me a chance to see what is on the minds of those that read my blog. The first poll, which […]